The Lifestyle Behind The "CONTINENTAL CAMO"

The Lifestyle Behind The "CONTINENTAL CAMO"

The Continental Camo print is essentially an extension of the Angelic Earthling logo. Taking a deeper look into the logo, you may notice that continents are inside the wings. This adds a layer of originality since this print consists of the continents in a all-over pattern, and spread throughout the hoodie in the form of camouflage. 

As a brand, we strive to have a continental (worldwide) impact, signifying that anyone can represent the Angelic lifestyle, no matter the location.

The Continental Camo full-zips bring you back to a time when streetwear was rising to the top, and becoming mainstream. Back in the the early 2000s, streetwear was Japanese influenced, with vivid colors and bold patterns.

This drop gives you the nostalgia of that era, while having a modern touch so the apparel doesn’t feel outdated. Most importantly, the quality of the garments come from one of the best manufacturers to ensure every piece is long lasting and timeless.

This includes:

-All over ORIGINAL camo design
-Custom Double zippers
-Silky Satin hood lining
-100% French Terry Cotton

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